Monday, August 16, 2010

The Breeze Around You

Have you noticed people walking in nice cool breeze seem to be chilled out.

The exact opposite happens when the surroundings are uncomfortable, like a railway station. Too much heat, too less space and not enough information.

Every organization advertises a good work environment, described in many forms…conducive, productive, relaxed, creative, growth oriented !

It’s fairly well acknowledged that a good work environment is essential for many different reasons.

By a very simple generalized equation:
Good Environment => Good Thoughts => Good Actions => Good Results

Clearly an over simplification but lets play along.

What makes your environment?

Some Rules - Policies, procedures to be followed
Physical workplace – your cube, cafeteria, coffee room, parking lot
People – co-workers, managers, peers, friends
And you!

A place, work or home, with too many and too strict rules and procedures isn’t a fun place to be. Perhaps that’s why, schools of our times (70’s and 80’s) weren’t as much fun as they are today. Kids today are so much smarter!

People around you make a huge impact on your environment. They interact with you…share opinions, experiences, misery.

In general, we view the environment as an external to us…something that we don’t have control over.

But it isn’t exactly so…

Each one of us contributes to environment around us. What is throw around us, is what we’ll see everyday.

Something, as simple as, greeting others with smile and warmth, sets the tone of your day…and future interactions with the same people.

We own our environment.

Doesn’t mean we control all of it…but we certainly own our outlook and responses to whatever the environment throws at us.

A workplace will have all kind of people, that’s what makes it interesting and real. Some of them will fall into this category called “generally frustrated”. This set of people always find a reason to be frustrated, whatever be the event. If we decide to make them a key player in our environment, hang around with them…it’s only natural that we’ll get to see some their perspective…and you’ll start finding the dark lining in the silver cloud. Unfortunately, negativity rubs on easy.

We have a choice to limit our interaction, or simply refuse to listen to the frustration.

Making your environment positive, vibrant and productive may require some effort as well. Over time it’s easy to slip into a routine which isn’t so…for example, spending weekend after weekend, buying groceries and watching real family activity, no creativity…no Re-charge of your body and mind!  Monday and rest of the week may not be very different.

So choose to make the environment you’d like to live in.

Choose to set the cool breeze around you.


  1. Agreeed..........Vry True...
    "Be The Change U Want To See In Da World"
    keep writin.. :)

  2. "An organization is run by 20% of the people and rest 80% are passengers in it....well it depends upon the choice where one would want to be ....."

    well written bro...keep writing...
    and please also share your thoughts on " Reality check " ...this is one thing , which can change a person's life all together...

  3. i like the article a lot ..negativity rubs on easy is very true, at every place there will be people who will find faults in something even though it might be great and we must try to avoid this ...we do contribute to our environment no matter how little it is and it is upto us how we want it to be...i had also written about the importance of environment sometime back on ....

  4. truth
    what you said is a genuine and a very true concept sir
    but i have a opinion of mine to share as well. i believe its not always the negetivities(company of people) which fly around you makes you a negetive thinker perhaps sometimes it makes you more possitive and much more approachable to things, its hugely dependent upon the thought process one has, if he falls to the negetivities then surely he tends to be the one..but if he has a strong thought process and an opinion of his own where he can differenciate ,the negetivities around him will bring out a more possitive personality beacuse i believe ones visibility level improves with involvement of the negetive and the frustated crowd around him, hence one can become more clear on his fronts or prospectives and can actually figure "where does he stands"
    and therefore has the capability of turning into one of the coolest and influential minds. So sometimes a negetive and a frustated crowd doesnt always turns you negetive.
    eagerly awaiting your response sir...

  5. @Kartik: Thanks for the encouragement
    @Anonymous: Thanks for the suggestion on Reality check. I have taken a shot, hope you liked it.
    @Rajat: Nice post on your blog. You should get back to writing..perhaps, expand the scope to more than startups
    @Shark: I agree, thought process strength is very important. Negativities around you don't always make you negative. We overcome them everyday. Especially in India, where we have a lot to deal with. Corrupt system, inefficient governments, poverty and more. Once we understand what we are dealing with, we can overcome or deflect it... Specially in cases where we knowingly go into a negative situation. for example, taking up a new assignment as a challenge (Recommend reading the book Fish). However, It doesn't make it any easier to be positive.

    I'm not sure i understand the 'visbility level' comment. Kindly elaborate, i'll be very interested in understanding it better.