Thursday, November 18, 2010


Ah! The joys of festivals. We just can’t get enough of it. The decorations, shopping, fireworks, parties and ofcourse, food, food and more food.

Isn’t it interesting that the MTV generation seems to be fully immersed in celebrating Diwali.

We were supposed to be spoilt on western culture and should have forgotten about Diwali and Dusshera…but 20-25 yrs later…most of us still haven’t. We certainly have more days to celebrate though.

Some things have surely changed. …more diyas are wax based, readymade of course…safer and burn much better…lights are LED…consume less power and more reliable, Sweets are less Mithai and more of other snacks…dry fruits, cookies, some chocolates too…perhaps more healthy.

Come of to think of it, we may have actually improved upon the celebrations.

Isn’t it great! And proves a point that we must not forget.

A good thing isn’t going to go away, just because another new strong, radically different influence comes in. It may actually improve and get better over time because of the new influence.

What MTV was to earlier generations, Internet is to today’s generation.

Once again, similar apprehensions exist, and nobody clearly knows how to deal with it and what all influences it’ll bring to us.  But most certainly there's confidence that it'll turn out well.

And guess what happened to MTV…today, it’s hard to find english music on it. MTV has become just TV...but for the logo, it could be any other channel.

Anyway, Here’s a great example of why MTV wasn’t appreciated by our parents and was so cool for us…one of my favorite. Be patient, listen & watch the whole video.

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  1. Good one. Change, good or bad, is inevitable. In the Hindu scriptures, God Almighty is worshipped as "Kala Deshavathibyam Nirmuktham Nithyamuktham" i.e, He whose purity does not change in position and time forever. (Doesnt this sound like the Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle - Delta X * Delta P >= h / 4 * pi?)

    Resistance to change is very often the fear of the unknown. Take for instance, the beginning of liberalization in India in 1991. There was so much of protests against opening up of our econonmy. But now, the very country, whom we were afraid of are crying foul of globalization being a one sided affair.

    The only thing that is permanent ever is change :-)